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The Yearbook of Courts explores the independence of the judicial system

11 July 2019

The eleventh Yearbook of  Courts analyses the independence of the judicial system as a branch of power. The yearbook covers the essence of the independence of the judicial power, the reasons why it is necessary for the functioning of democracy and the means used for guaranteeing the autonomy.

The editor-in-chief of the yearbook, judge of the Tallinn Circuit Court Andres Parmas, says that troubling developments have been occurring in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe in the past few years—the constitutional independence of the judicial power has been called into question. Parmas says that even though Estonia ranks as high as 12th in the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index among 113 countries, the main subject of the yearbook was chosen owing to the need to respond to the frequent public charges against the constitutional position of the judicial power as well as the judges’ wish to ask critical questions of themselves. “Undoubtedly judges have been disturbed by the direct attacks against the independence of the judicial power. At the same time, it is time to engage in self-reflection and analyse the critique that has been voiced. How can we as judges help to guarantee the independence of the system?”

In addition to the articles on the main subject, the yearbook provides an overview of Estonian judicial practice in 2018 by exploring important decisions of the Supreme Court and statistics on the work of courts.

The Yearbook of the Courts will be published in Estonian and in English, and is primarily meant for the judges and specialists working in the field of law.

The Yearbook of the Courts in English

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