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Yearbook of the Courts gives a glance at European Law

28 September 2018

The next Yearbook of the Courts concentrates on the relationship between Estonian and European law. In addition, an overview of the proceedings statistics for 2017 is given.

More and more often, Estonian judges are dealing the law of the European Union. Therefore, they have a need to interpret it and to solve the conflicts between the national law and EU law. The Chief Editor of the Yearbook and a Judge of the Tallinn Circuit Court, Andres Parmas, has justified this choice of topic by the need to shed more light on the synergies in the European Union and the Estonian state law. It will help the judges to become orientated in this system, and to solve the more and more complex legal disputes in a timely, correct and fair manner.

The Yearbook of the Courts will be published in Estonian and in English, and is primarily meant for the judges and specialists working in the field of law.

The Yearbook of the Courts in English 


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Supreme Court of Estonia
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